Country information

The outbreak of the corona virus has an enormous effect on the work of probation in Europe.  Organizations are forced to create new ways of working and to provide additional instructions for staff in managing their work and responsibilities.

On this page CEP publishes information, measures and protocols on how probation services all over Europe are dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

You are very welcome to join! Please send all relevant details that are open for sharing to  and we will publish them on this specific webpage.

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  • In Flanders, Belgium, the work in the Houses of Justice goes on, but in an amended way.
  • In the Ministry of Justice of France, special measures have been taken that can be read here.
  • The Dutch Probation Service of the Netherlands has undertaken many precautions and actions.

The Council of Europe has given out an official statement in various languages.

For information on prisons and their work during the Covid crisis please visit the EuroPris website.