10th Seminar of Probation and Social Work in Criminal Justice prosaj

The 10th Seminar of the Swiss Association for Probation and Social Work in Criminal Justice (prosaj) focuses on responsivity: ‘how we can achieve interventions effectively?’ and will take place on the 23rd and 24th of November 2017 at the NH Hotel in Fribourg, Switzerland.

The central question is how to adapt the intervention effectively to the learning style, motivation, skills and other characteristics of the situation that an individual might face in custody or in the community. This topic represents a straight continuation of the discussions already carried out within the framework of the prosaj seminars, mainly on ‘What Works’, a well-known movement that, through Andrews & Bonta’s studies, allowed to re-reading of rehabilitation programmes based on the RNR (Risk-Need-Responsivity) principles.

Responsivity is intended to be a unifying theme. It crosses various professional fields such as intra- and extra-mural assessment and management; it also aims to put the supervised person at the centre of the actions of social reintegration and prevention of reoffending. Therefore, responsivity is part of a dynamic approach that necessarily engages and empowers the beneficiary-actor.

The discussions on specific programmes implemented in Switzerland and abroad, as well as the debates among professionals aim to bring particular attention to:

  • The general principles and framework conditions under which the responsivity can be developed in programmes of offenders’ supervision
  • The management of tensions within integrated and unstructured programmes
  • The place of responsivity in the establishment of the relationship probation officer-offender
  • The dynamics of collaboration among professionals necessary for effective supervision

The goal of this seminar is to contribute to the current reflections on models of assessment and supervision in Switzerland as well as on the evolution of professional practices of the probation and the social work within the criminal justice system.

Visit the website of the Swiss Prison Staff Training Centre for more information on the event.

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