Summercourse Criminal Justice and Social Work

Europe is facing many great challenges that result from the need for increased integration of policies in the area of freedom, security and justice in Europe. The Council of Europe has set up Probation Rules which describe a number of basic elements (knowledge, skills and values) that have to be met by probation services. This is supported by the Stockholm Program, the EU Prison Rules and the United Nations Prison Rules: each country must offer the same quality of supervision, detention or guidance: European citizens must have the same rights.
This project offers education and training modules to implement the Framework Decisions. The material of the European project CJSW is essentially teaching material that you can use for training probation officers and other professionals in a forensic setting. By enhancing the professional skills of probation workers we give our own contribution to the synchronization of these rights.

In the summercourse you will learn on how to improve professionalism in Europe and especially in your own country and how to make your contribution to the synchronization of these rights. The contribution of European education in the field of Criminal Justice Social Work (CJSW) is necessary to support the integration of policies in the area of freedom, security and justice in Europe.

During the summercourse we will work with the 6 modules of the CJSW project: Perspectives and legal context, Working Alliance, Assessment and Report Writing, Working in a (learning) organization, Developing Human Capital, Social Capital and Social Networks. Every day we will work with one module and explain the content, the exercises and how you can work with the material. Every module will be introduced and practiced by the participants. The next step is to disseminate the content to the own context.  Each day will be ended with a reflective evaluation.  After the summer course each participant owns the material of the European project Criminal Justice and Social Work, has knowledge of the material and knows how to disseminate the material to the own context.

Period:   12 June 2017 – 21 June 2017
Language:   English
Duration:   10 days
Fee:    EUR 1600,00
Included:  Course material and dissemination material for own context, cultural excursions, workfield visit, lunch.

Participants are free to book a hotel of their own choice (price is excluded). Recommendations on hotels:  Hotel Amrâth Breda, Hotel Keijzer Tulip Breda, Hotel de Klok city centre Breda. All are on walking distance (15 minutes) from Avans university.

Avans university of applied sciences
Hogeschoollaan 1, 4818 CR, Department Social Studies
Breda, the Netherlands

Course leaders:
Angèle Geerts
Frank Philippart

This summercourse is intended for policy makers, practitioners and educators of organization of Probation


Program and application

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