EU/CoE HELP Project ‘Radicalisation Prevention, Judicial Response to Terrorism & International Cooperation in Criminal Matters’ (HELP RP-TERR-ICCM) Cross-border crime, risks to public security and the rise of radicalisation leading to violent extremism and terrorism in the EU Member States continue to occur, alongside violations of fundamental rights. The increasingly open area of free movement could … Continued

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Enhancing Cross-border Mutual Legal Assistance and Recognition of Decisions within the Context of Detention

This project, led by the Europäische Rechts Akademie (ERA) and co-financed by the Justice Programme 2014-2020 of the European Union, consists of five seminars, two of which were planned to take place in Bucharest and Strasbourg in 2020, and three in Bucharest and Brussels in 2021. Each seminar focused on a different aspect of enhancing … Continued

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rise of right wing extremism

WayOut – completed

The WayOut project – Integrated Exit Programme for Prisons and Probation – is fundamentally aimed at building a common framework to evaluate exit programmes along with the development of an innovative and integrated programme based on proven effectiveness approaches. Ultimately the project will improve and facilitate the implementation of exit programmes across the criminal justice … Continued

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