Peter Palsma has been working in the field of juvenile and adult probation for 17 years until June 2019. He has been director of the Salvation Army child protection and (adult) probation service since 2006. In this role he lead the organization through a Dutch nationwide transition (2015) and transformation (2015-2017) of the youth care. After that in 2018 he became the director of the Child protection and probation service of Overijssel, one of the provinces in the Netherlands. He managed to bring the organization back on track after it had been thoroughly reorganized by his predecessor. When Peter left the organization in September 2019, the quality of the service delivery was up to standard, the organization was re-certified again, it had a good financial position and had renewed trustful relations with the key stakeholders. Since June 2019 he started as COO of Dorcas Aid International, an organization working in the field of Development and Relief. His main assignment is to redesign the organization to make it future proof and compliant to the different quality standards of the branch. Dorcas is working in fourteen countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

From 2014 Peter has been a member of the audit committee of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP). After the General Assembly of 2019 in Dublin, Peter had been appointed as the CEP Treasurer, continuing to bring in his expertise on finance, IT and business administration. At the General Assembly of 2022 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Peter has been re-appointed as the CEP Treasurer for the upcoming period. As of November 2023, Peter has chosen to step down from his role as a member of the audit committee and CEP Treasurer.