CEP International Register of Experts

The field of probation is developing swiftly everywhere in Europe. Some countries have only recently established a probation system. In others the probation organisations have extended their services from the traditional aftercare of prisoners to involvement at all levels of the criminal justice systems. And in every country probation organisations and services are looking for best practices to improve their functioning.

Being able to call on the wider experience of colleagues in other European countries would then be a valuable resource, which could save both time and money. After all, every European country has among its staff experts in certain topics, such as offender risk assessment and the development of offending behaviour programmes. However, often these experts are not known outside their own countries. 

With its Register of Experts, the CEP established a database register of experts/training consultants who are available for use by CEP member countries wishing to improve their probation services and extend their capacity to manage offenders successfully. 

People wishing to register as a training consultant can fill in and send the web form Application Form for Experts. Applications will be scrutinised by an independent selection panel.

Organisations wishing to contact an expert can apply via the web form Application Form for Organisations. Following receipt of the completed application form, the CEP office will send you the contact details of experts who offer the relevant expertise.

The CEP Register of Experts is being managed according to the CEP International Register of Experts Protocol.