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Fresh start for CEP: new home page in 2012

Publication date: 10-2-2012


CEP new home pageThe year 2012 begins fresh for CEP with a new home page. The restyled home page presents news from the probation sector in a more convenient way. Other features also add to the accessibility of the page. Visit the home page to check out the new design now at

New home page with new features
The design with rectangled sections restructures the page, with the aim to give news a more prominent place. It also entails a few new features. A scrolling bar for the most recent news items has been installed, which is the most distinct improvement. At the center remains the description of CEP, with around it a clear presentation of what the website has to offer.

Another new feature is the presence of the Google Translate menu that allows the visitor to translate the CEP pages. Google Translate makes the website more accessible by offering offering it in 50 other languages besides English and French.

Furthermore, articles and events that relate to CEP news, are currently marked with a CEP-logo. Visitors can distinguish easily between general news and messages from the CEP office.

Prominent at the top of the page is currently a search bar that provides a good method to find information on the CEP website. Every search command yields results from the complete website, including the Knowledge base, which makes it the best way to look for information on a specific topic.

Social media
CEP news and other interesting links relating to probation in Europe are in the Twitter feeds, both streams are clearly visible on the right hand side (first & second). The CEP pages on other social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook received a spot on the top of the page. These social media make it possible to follow CEP in several other ways. CEP can also be found on Google+.

While CEP's style is still recognisable, the home page has received a major redesign. Hopefully visitors will find the website easier to navigate. The home page, as well as the other pages, are under constant scrutiny and change: Not only by adding new content but also in its structure. The website is a work in progress.

Communication Officer Daria Janssen would like to hear your opinion on the new home page. Please send an email to with your thoughts or suggestions.