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Call for proposals CIPS Action Grants 2011 open until October

Publication date: 11-8-2011


The European Commission Directorate-General of Home Affairs have opened the call for the programme "Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security related Risks for the Period 2007-2013", also called the "CIPS Programme". This year, a total amount of 17 million euro has been allocated to the programme and projects can claim up to the customary 90% of the eligible costs in their proposals. The deadline is set for 12 October 2011.

Among the priorities are goals such as enhancing the communication and infrastructures between member states, as well as between public authorities and the private sector. In the case of prisoners with terrorism-related crimes, probation organizations could consider to participate in the CIPS programme.

The DG Home Affairs also published the 2011 work programme of the project "Prevention of and Fight against Crime" here. The call is expected to open this summer.

Earlier announcement of CIPS on CEP website.
EC Home Affairs website with all relevant documents of the call, and the work programme in English, German and French.