Foreign National offenders pose practical challenges to those who are working with them in the custodial and community setting. This workshop attracted over 60 participants from prison, probation and NGO’s from 21 European countries, to hear presentations and engage in discussion and debate on this increasingly important area of criminal justice policy and practice.

The workshop was jointly organized by the Belgium Prison Service and the EuroPris-CEP Foreign National Prisoners Expert Group, from which 6 members provided key presentations.

The purpose of the workshop was to promote better national regulation and best practice for foreign national prisoners in Europe through contributing to a greater awareness of FNP issues and through improving the management, rehabilitation and resettlement needs of FNP’s.

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • promote the welfare and interests of European nationals who are imprisoned outside their country of residence, in order to facilitate their social reintegration.
  • promote cooperation and the exchange of information between national and international agencies and groups which support prisoners abroad and their families.
  • liaise with individuals as well as state and non-governmental bodies which provide support to prisoners abroad.

A World Café session was used to maximise participant engagement and sharing of knowledge amongst participants.