On this page you can find examples of best practices in the field of Mental Health and probation.

AWARE project

Developing mental health awareness and training in the correctional justice system – an overview of policy & practice recommendations

This handbook provides recommendations intended for policy makers and policy influencers across the criminal justice system, who recognise mental health issues of prisoners as a key area of intervention both during imprisonment and on release.

AWARE Study Manual

The AWARE project brings forward as a solution a training programme for prison staff, probation services, civil society organizations and volunteers who work with former prisoners. To provide impulses for the development of further training, AWARE reviewed existing scientific and practical findings on mental health in the criminal justice system and gathered them in a state-of-the-art report.

Delivering a smarter approach: Community Sentence Treatment Requirements

The Centre for Justice Innovation provides hands on support to practitioners in the justice system to help them develop and share innovative and effective practice; The Centre conduct research into how things work right now and how they could work better.