World Congress on Probation

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What works with women offenders?

Alternatives to Custody in Albania and the Establishment of a National Probation Service

An example from the UK of a joint health / criminal justice partnership approach to working with high risk personality disordered offenders on their release from prison.

Challenges for Probation in South Asia: Putting legislation into practice

Circles4EU. Expanding Circles of Support and Accountability in Europe

Civil Participation in Probation in A Japanese Perspective – How Japanese VPO System Function for the High-Risk Offenders

Community court in Vancouver

Community Involvement in the Administration of Justice: Community Service in Uganda

Community justice in Thailand

Community justice services in the age of austerity

Criminal Justice Social Work Values in the Belgian Houses of Justice

Defining probation practitioners: beyond probation staff

Desistance Research and ‘Evidence-based’ Probation

Developing post care for released prisoners in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Effects of European international cooperation on regional developments in the field of Restorative Justice

Endeavor to Develop Probation as Alternative to Custodial Sanctions in a Harsh Penal Climate in the Caribbean

Engaging Offenders to Reduce Re-offending: A Model for Effective Practice Skills

Engaging with Service Users to support their desistance journey

Evidence-Based Practices and Probation in the United States

Implementing the Bangkok Rules to Women Offenders in the Community

Implementing What Works in the community: the challenge of research on probation policy and practice

It’s a risky business

Mapping the Health Needs of Offenders on Probation: Implications for Service Delivery

Overview of Sex Offender Supervision

Photos and Videos

Probation in the Republic of Moldova

The Engagement of Long Term Prisoners in Preparing for Resettlement

The evolving probation practice in Kenya – Past, present and prospects

The impact of supervision

The Mandatory Aftercare Scheme of the Singapore Prison Service

The Resettlement Needs of Foreign National Prisoners

To trust again: An experience of prisoner resettlement back into a vulnerable community in Chile

Transforming Rehabilitation In England And Wales

Transition and Discharge Management between Prison and Aftercare in Germany – problem areas in cooperation of institutions

Working alliance in one-to-one supervision

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