EU Framework Decisions on Probation: projects, conferences and articles on the implementation


The European Union and the Council of Europe have become increasingly important players in the development of probation in Europe. CEP is not only the voice of probation in Europe, it also wants to stimulate and support initiatives of international cooperation on probation and on the implementation of EU regulations.


Framework Decisions

EU Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA

EU Framework Decision 2009/829/JHA

EU Framework Decision 2008/909/JHA



Case Management System Maps

Steps II resettlement

Implementation Support for Transferring of European Probation Sentences (ISTEP)

Developing the Use of Technical Tools in Cross-Border Resettlement (DUTT)

Developing Offender Management In Corrections In Europe (Domice)

Preparation of the practical implementation of the framework decision on the mutual recognition of probation measures


Conferences and expert meetings

CEP expert meeting 15-16 september 2016

A recap of the conference The French-German co-operation in the supervision of probation

CJPE_Summary of International Seminar Brussels FWD 3_12_2015

State of implementation FD 947 en FD 829

CEP expert meetings 2015

Directors-General in Probation Conference The Hague 2015

Directors-General in Probation Conference Oslo 2013

Directors-General in Probation Conference Dublin 2011

Durby Conference 2010



EuroPris Resource Book on the transfer of sentenced prisoners under EU Framework Decision 909

FRA’s reports on effective cross-border criminal justice (2016):
Criminal detention and alternatives: fundamental rights aspects in EU cross-border transfers
Rights of suspected and accused persons across the EU: translation, interpretation and information
FRA report Ensuring cross border justice for all in the EU


News articles

Trust vital for effective cross-border criminal justice
Foreign national prisoners. Looking back and forward
Short impression of the CEP expert meeting on the FD 829 en 947
Paper: Prisoner transfer and the importance of ‘release effect’
CEP newsletter special on EU framework decisions







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