On Tuesday 22nd September CEP organized its annual Expert Meeting on the European Framework Decisions – this time online. Experts from several jurisdictions and also two members of the European Commission came together via Zoom and presentations were given by Marina Beun (Prosecutor’s office, the Netherlands), the Foreign Office of the Dutch Probation Service and professor Ioan Durnescu of the University of Bucharest, Romania. Mr. Durnescu spoke about the PONT project (Probation Observatory, Training and Network) and also launched the new course on the implementation of the Framework Decisions 829 and 947:

PONT online course Infografic

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Practical experiences with FD 947 and FD 829

Ms. Marina Beun, Prosecutors Office, the Netherlands

The International Desk of the Dutch Probation Service

Ms. Gisella Conrad and Ms. Melinda Lewis

PONT project: Probation Observatory, Network and Training

Professor Ioan Durnescu, University of Bucharest, Romania

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