14th CEP General Assembly  

In the morning of Wednesday on 19 October 2022 CEP organizes the 14th General Assembly in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The General Assembly will take place in Sheraton Hotel from 9 am to 1 pm and is for invited guest only.
During the 14th General Assembly evening programme, the winners of the third edition of CEP Awards will be presented.

Conference following the General Assembly

CEP in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Justice kindly invites all probation professionals and practitioners to participate in the autumn conference in Dubrovnik that will cover the topics that have recently been on the agenda of probation organizations across Europe. Probation organisations have been in a different phase of development and the specifics that probation officers must deal with vary from country to country. The core business – providing guidance, assistance, support and motivation to the client, protecting society and victims from any harm – remains the same. Variety of other specifics the probation officers deal with the clients on a daily basis differs. Europe is large and issues addressed in South Europe do not necessarily have to be the same as the ones in North, Central and Eastern Europe at certain moment.

However, what probation organisations across Europe have in common is the strong commitment to human rights and ethics, fairness and equity for all in criminal justice. These are at the forefront of the probation work and human being is a centre point. The nature of probation work is based on strong compliance with human rights as probation officers work with those excluded from the society or those living at the margins of society. It is something that is passed from one generation to another, sometimes even unintentionally. Finding your place in society is essential to any individual across the world. Finding your place in society as a convicted person, overcoming the barriers that stand between you living a decent life and you living your life without offending is a key to successful reintegration and rehabilitation.

Key questions we would like to raise at the conference are:

  1. Human rights, ethics and its reflection in probation work
  2. Gender stereotypes in probation: fair chances and equal opportunities
  3. Mental disorder: role of probation, its impact and services provided
  4. Diversity management: developing multicultural competencies in probation

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General Information on the events

General Assembly takes place on Wednesday 19 October 2022 and is for invited guests only. The registration for the General Assembly closes at the beginning of September.

The conference on Human Rights and Ethics in Probation will take place from the afternoon of 19 October to 20 October 2022 in Dubrovnik, Croatia and is open to all probation professionals worldwide. The registration for the conference closes at the beginning of October.

The programme will consist of plenaries, a series of workshops on specific topics as well as a round table which will gather the professionals from across Europe discussing the specifics of their respective jurisdictions.


Draft programme can be downloaded here.

Registration and fees

Fees for CEP members
General Assembly only (on invitation) – € 50
General Assembly and conference – € 200
Conference only – € 150

Fees for non CEP members
Conference only – € 300

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Registration for this conference is limited to non-commercial organisations only.

Please be aware that CEP members who wish to attend the General Assembly and conference but who are not able to (fully) fund their attendance, may fill in the this form to apply for a bursary.


The hotel offers a special group rate starting from 127 EUR per night. This is only valid from 18 to 20 October. Click here to book.

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel
Šetalište Dr. F. Tuđmana 17,
20207, Srebreno, Kroatië


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