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Call for experts to design a “My Choice” type of intervention programme (17-4-2015)

Second World Congress on Community Corrections (26-3-2015)

Romanian National Probation Directorate: Call for experts (16-3-2015)

European Day for Victims of Crime: all victims recognised, no victim forgotten. (20-2-2015)

Interview Jana Špero: "Beware of PTSD when dealing with former soldiers in Croatia" (19-2-2015)

Assistance for Turkey in implementation EM (3-2-2015)

Cross-Border Criminal Justice Seminar in Ireland (20-1-2015)

People in probation: stories from the practice (12-1-2015)

Book review: why do people go straight? (27-11-2014)

CEP's reading corner: Irish Probation Journal (27-11-2014)

“The complex world of statistics in Probation” (25-11-2014)

Education behind foreign prison bars (21-11-2014)

The Probation Institute: support for professionals in probation and community justice (17-11-2014)

Drink & drive in Romania: challenges and chances (27-10-2014)

Best practice: probation service engaged in flood damage recovery (29-9-2014)

Miscellaneous News (15-9-2014)

Seminar in Rome on Juvenile Probation (29-7-2014)

Creativity and Effectiveness in the Use of Electronic Monitoring as an Alternative to Imprisonment in EU Member States (25-6-2014)

Interview with Mauro Palma, new President of the PC-CP (11-6-2014)

The next generation of Electronic Monitoring, powered by European satellites (10-6-2014)

The German project “Schwitzen statt Sitzen” (22-4-2014)

EFUS publishes on the “Practice of Safety Houses” (9-4-2014)

Presentation of the Lithuanian Probation system's results (12-3-2014)

Expressions of Interest required for attendance at Transnational Expert Events (11-3-2014)

Miscellaneous News (20-2-2014)

Ankle bracelets for policy officers in the Netherlands (31-1-2014)

European Prison Directors recognise role of probation in corrections (28-1-2014)

Recap: conference on Risk management, Fribourg (CH) (13-1-2014)

Romania helps Armenia in developing probation to European standards (10-12-2013)

Latvia explores alternatives to prison in European project (27-11-2013)

Miscellaneous News (18-11-2013)

Romania adopts new probation laws (7-10-2013)

Miscellaneous News (4-10-2013)

NOMS Probation Awards 2013 (1-10-2013)

Justice Cooperation Network (1-10-2013)

APPA steps in to continue the momentum of World Congress (30-9-2013)

Probation well represented at European criminology conference in Budapest (26-9-2013)

Moldavian Probation Service takes initiative to organise a conference on Community Sanctions (19-9-2013)

Heather Munro welcomes delegates to the London Study Visit (29-8-2013)

Anger Management Training in Bucharest (14-8-2013)

Miscellaneous News (14-8-2013)

European event in Marseille features art from the inside and the outside (14-8-2013)

COST Action European research on offender rehabilitation (13-8-2013)

Dutch approach with Electronic Monitoring to addicted offenders (12-8-2013)

How to integrate Restorative Justice and Victim Support in probation practice? (23-7-2013)

The STREAM Project: Invitation to participate with good practice from your country (16-7-2013)

World Congress on Probation preview: Interview with Frank Porporino (29-5-2013)

Miscellaneous News (24-4-2013)

EUCPN completes European Crime Prevention Monitor 2012 (8-4-2013)

Online course on rehabilitation and desistance by University of Glasgow (4-4-2013)

Miscellaneous News (20-2-2013)

Developments in the Council of Europe in the field of prisons and probation (20-2-2013)

EFUS conference results in Security, Democracy and Cities Manifesto (19-2-2013)

Report on prison overcrowding to French National Assembly (19-2-2013)

Danish research on offender management effectivity (13-2-2013)

Prison Reform Trust response to Justice Committee Inquiry on Women Offenders (13-2-2013)

Criminal justice and mental health seminar (13-2-2013)

Consultation open in planned transformation of UK probation sector (30-1-2013)

“It worked for me!” Michel Groothuizen is electronically monitored for one week (24-1-2013)

Mauro Palma: Reduce the gap between rules and practice for foreign prisoners (10-1-2013)

Miscellaneous News (20-12-2012)

Fulfilling the unfulfilled promise (20-12-2012)

RAN Prison and Probation working group kick-off in Vienna (14-12-2012)

Pope Benedict XVI addresses CDAP conference (12-12-2012)

Probation work and the media (4-12-2012)

Merseyside Probation honoured with UK Excellence Award (28-11-2012)

Message from ISTEP project on transfer of probation sentences (26-11-2012)

Responses to European survey on mental health in probation (7-11-2012)

Miscellaneous News (24-10-2012)

New: Champ Pénal/Penal Field (21-10-2012)

EFUS learning module for training local stakeholders in joint prevention of reoffending (20-10-2012)

Resettlement Advice Service in the UK (17-10-2012)

Convicts cook for tourists on Italian island (17-10-2012)

ESC Conference in Bilbao: Freedom and security have a tense relationship (1-10-2012)

EU Justice Commissioner Reding addresses the probation sector in Europe (10-9-2012)

Miscellaneous News (22-8-2012)

Unexpected cooperation in GÜL, the joint EM centre in Germany (21-8-2012)

Czech Republic tests EM in pilot project (21-8-2012)

Looking for provisions for mentally ill offenders in the community in Europe (19-8-2012)

PRI’s concerns reflected by UN Human Rights Committee (19-8-2012)

Second call for European experts in Romanian anger management programme (18-8-2012)

Prison and probation meet in Bucharest, Iuliana Carbunaru looks back (9-8-2012)

Belgian Award for Security and Crime Prevention 2012 to city of Ghandthat (31-7-2012)

Miscellaneous News (26-6-2012)

ISTEP: Share experiences of the Framework Decision implementation (25-6-2012)

The Roma helping Roma principle works (22-6-2012)

Making Justice Systems More Restorative? (15-6-2012)

European anger management programme calls for experts (7-5-2012)

OSCE Office in Yerevan organizes workshop on probation standards (30-4-2012)

Miscellaneous News (25-4-2012)

Criminal Justice Social Work Project kick-off: The Latvian perspective (23-4-2012)

Body sculpture Croatia-style (20-4-2012)

Probationers, mental health problems and substance misuse (18-4-2012)

PRI participates in conference on the reintegration of offenders in Moscow (7-4-2012)

PRI in Kazakhstan: New project for rehabilitation of ex-prisoners (29-3-2012)

EuroVista issue on the Offender Engagement Programme (26-3-2012)

ISTEP Project: paving the way for Framework Decision 947 (23-2-2012)

Dealing with domestic violence in support groups (21-2-2012)

Miscellaneous News (21-2-2012)

European Handbook COSA Implementation now available (19-2-2012)

Contribute to subtitles in foreign languages for Discovering Desistance film (12-2-2012)

Is a European juvenile justice system possible? (1-2-2012)

Probation Trusts England & Wales decorated for sustained quality with Gold Medal for Excellence (21-12-2011)

International Erasmus Mundus Doctorate program in Cultural and Global Criminology (20-12-2011)

Miscellaneous News (17-12-2011)

Prisoners Abroad launched new website (8-12-2011)

RJ from the victim’s perspective: a reflective narrative of the Tallinn conference (27-10-2011)

Catalonian Open Prison Regime: Individuality and continuity are key (27-10-2011)

Recap Final Conference DOMICE: “Offender Management is not maths, but about chemistry” (26-10-2011)

CEP initiates world congress of probation in 2013, hosted by London (26-10-2011)

Miscellaneous News (24-10-2011)

CEP is enthusiastic about the newly established Radicalisation Awareness Network (24-10-2011)

Discovering Desistance: New project and blog (21-10-2011)

New members added to CEP network (20-10-2011)

Interview Marc Cerón with Austria’s NEUSTART (19-10-2011)

CEP meets Telmo Baltazar, member of the Cabinet of Viviane Reding (17-10-2011)

Fairer treatment of foreign prisoners (7-10-2011)

Connecting people: European Forum for Restorative Justice invites submissions for 2012 conference (20-9-2011)

EC awards action grant to develop curriculum for training of probation officers (1-9-2011)

Miscellaneous News (30-8-2011)

DUTT: researching videoconferencing in criminal justice procedures (30-8-2011)

Norwegian Reintegration Guarantee aims to provide ex-prisoners the right tools for resocialization (29-8-2011)

Jersey and Madeira come closer: The international experience of Maurilia Veloso (26-8-2011)

PRI Torture Prevention Project and newsletter (22-8-2011)

Update of Probation in Europe under way: Catalonia is one of the first (10-8-2011)

CEP President presents the host of the 2013 Directors-General meeting (28-6-2011)

DECODEUR: comparable data on probation (28-6-2011)

New: CEP website user guide (27-6-2011)

Coming up: Restorative Justice conference in Tallinn (26-6-2011)

Recap: STARR final conference (25-6-2011)

Colombia and Chile at Electronic Monitoring Conference in Évora: two different perspectives (24-6-2011)

Miscellaneous News (24-6-2011)

Search for literature on ‘Who works?’ (23-6-2011)

Forum for Restorative Justice presented on YouTube (23-6-2011)

Launch of network on Women, Crime and Criminal Justice (22-6-2011)

Journalists specialized in security topics unite in French trade organization (22-6-2011)

CEP Special Interest Group Prisoners Abroad adopts various strategies (29-4-2011)

Georgia invites international experts to Batumi (28-4-2011)

Conclusion: a European curriculum for forensic social work (28-4-2011)

3rd STARR expert meeting on drugs & alcohol: Norway’s different way of dealing (26-4-2011)

EU-project on best practices in restorative justice: recap kick-off conference in Kiel (26-4-2011)

Miscellaneous News (19-4-2011)

Announcing the upcoming issue of EuroVista (14-4-2011)

Portugal hosts 7th Conference on Electronic Monitoring (22-2-2011)

EuroVista’s new editors welcome your contribution and support (22-2-2011)

2nd STARR Expert Meeting: Focus on Fighting Domestic Violence (22-2-2011)

Miscellaneous News (22-2-2011)

European DGs of probation convene in Dublin to discuss prioritising resources (21-2-2011)

CEP meets with Latvian Minister of Justice (21-2-2011)

Launch of the CEP International Register of Experts (9-2-2011)

Fundamental issues are revealed at CEP and DBH conference in Frankfurt (29-12-2010)

A business case to encourage services to prisoners held abroad (29-12-2010)

Miscellaneous news (28-12-2010)

CEP’s personal approach (27-12-2010)

CEP welcomes Georgia and universities as new members (27-12-2010)

Miscelleaneous News (25-11-2010)

CEP publishes Annual Report 2009 (24-11-2010)

Recommendations GA 2010 about future developments (23-11-2010)

CEP in progress: Board Meeting results (22-11-2010)

TPVR and RIRP projects draw to a conclusion in London (22-11-2010)

Richard Pickering reflects upon the TPVR and RIRP conference in London (22-11-2010)

Second issue of EuroVista is founder John Raine’s last (19-11-2010)

CEP Conference 2011 on Electronic Monitoring takes shape (19-11-2010)

More than three years of Aggression Replacement Training in Hungary (25-10-2010)

STARR: transferring best probation practices across Europe (25-10-2010)

British-Turkish twinning project successfully closed in Ankara (22-10-2010)

Miscelleaneous News (21-10-2010)

TPVR: What Works in preventing Violent Radicalisation (21-10-2010)

New statutes strengthen CEP (20-10-2010)

Last minute appeal for submissions European Convention Human Rights (11-10-2010)

CEP Values statement on probation established (7-10-2010)

Complimentary membership to EuroVista for CEP members (2-9-2010)

Wiki of experts’ knowledge (2-9-2010)

The results of Malaga Conference 2010 (2-9-2010)

Join in on the CEP Member Section! (1-9-2010)

The 10th General Assembly of CEP in Malaga: an occasion for hurdling obstacles (1-9-2010)

Miscellaneous News (3-8-2010)

Are offenders ready for treatment? (2-8-2010)

Hate crime (2-8-2010)

Learning from criminals (2-8-2010)

Deciding on the future of CEP: challenge management (21-4-2010)

CEP Finances: how to do more with less? (21-4-2010)

Recap: CEP 2007-2010 (21-4-2010)

Miscellaneous News April 2010 (12-4-2010)

EU: CEP adds another dimension to implementation process FD (2-4-2010)

MoJs Croatia, Slovenia and Greece to enlarge CEP network (26-3-2010)

CEP Probation values versus Recommendation on Probation of the Council of Europe (9-3-2010)

Miscellaneous News February 2010 (18-2-2010)

Recap: Expert Meeting on Radicalisation in prison and probation (9-2-2010)

Framework Decision on pre-trial supervision: what it means for the probation sector (14-1-2010)

Recap: Conference on Recruitment and Training of Probation Practitioners (7-1-2010)

Stockholm programme: More money for development of alternative sanctions (15-12-2009)

Circles project: Innovation in sex offender programmes in Europe (7-12-2009)

Miscellaneous News (25-11-2009)

CEP in progress: Board Meeting results (17-11-2009)

Recap: Expert meeting on the Implementation of the Framework Decision on Probation (29-10-2009)

Sector of probation discovers EU funding (15-10-2009)

Miscellaneous News (7-10-2009)

Putting probation on the agenda of the Stockholm programme (29-9-2009)

Greece represented in CEP (14-9-2009)

CEP General Assembly and conference ‘showcase for probation' (28-7-2009)

Miscellaneous News (7-7-2009)

CEP in progress: Board Meeting results (9-6-2009)

Vision on values (2-6-2009)

Recap: Electronic Monitoring Conference (28-5-2009)

Miscellaneous News (13-5-2009)

SPACE II: towards reliable statistics on probation (24-4-2009)

Recap: Conference on Funding, Cambridge (15-4-2009)

Recap: Expert Meeting Capacity Building, Sofia (10-3-2009)

Latest news on EU funding at CEP website (26-2-2009)

Miscellaneous News (23-2-2009)

More European projects, please (18-2-2009)

CEP to contribute to EU action plan for Justice (3-2-2009)

Miscellaneous News (26-1-2009)

EU consultation round: CEP dedicated to put probation on EU agenda (15-1-2009)

Official presentation of Probation in Europe (7-1-2009)

EU officially enacts Framework Decision on probation (6-1-2009)

Recap: Directors General Meeting, Strasbourg (17-12-2008)

Miscellaneous News (9-12-2008)

Register now for the CEP Register of Experts! (5-12-2008)

Order Probation in Europe now! (27-11-2008)

Probation in Europe financed through national collection in the Netherlands (27-11-2008)

Probation in Europe: Solving definition problems (27-11-2008)

Probation in Europe: Reference book or page turner? (27-11-2008)

European cooperation of probation services on the way (27-11-2008)

Probation in Europe: 32 probation services in almost 1200 pages... (27-11-2008)

Towards a European standard for statistics in probation (20-11-2008)

CEP in progress: Board Meeting results (11-11-2008)

Presentations Nieuwersluis conference available! (28-10-2008)

Recap: conference Foreign National Prisoners, Nieuwersluis (27-10-2008)

Latvian probation services celebrates 5th anniversary (22-10-2008)

Coming up: Conference 'Foreigners in European prisons: from good practises to good policy', Nieuwersluis (3-9-2008)

New CEP website (18-8-2008)

Germany and France explore (European) cooperation in probation (24-7-2008)

Recap: Conference 'Probation meets Prevention', Leipzig (8-7-2008)

The Utility of the Polygraph with Sex Offenders in England (4-7-2008)

Your contribution wanted for the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice (20-6-2008)

Dictionary of Probation and Offender Management (11-6-2008)

Basic research for Council of Europe recommendation on probation starts (3-6-2008)

Recap: Conference 'Resettling Adult Offenders', Glasgow (23-5-2008)

New logo for the CEP (19-5-2008)