Women in Prison: The Bangkok Rules and Beyond

Women are a minority in prison. Currently 6.8% of the world prison population is female, but this number is rapidly growing. Due to the relatively low number of female inmates, prison policies have traditionally developed in response to the behavior of men. However, women in prison have different needs. For example, needs related to: pregnancy, … Continued

Justice Trends First Edition

Justice trends is a bi-annual magazine that covers contemporary best practices in the field of corrections and the latest developments in the execution of justice worldwide. In this magazine you can find 183 pages full of interviews, technical articles, guest columns and case studies. This edition of Justice Trends includes an interview with President Gerry McNally … Continued

Probation and Politics Academic Reflections from Former Practitioners

Editors: Vanstone, Maurice, Priestley, Philip (Eds.) This book is a collection of essays by a unique group of authors about the political destruction of the probation service in England and Wales. All of them are probation officers turned academics, with a collective scholarly output that is both prodigious and distinguished. They address the history of probation, its underlying … Continued

Rehabilitation Work – Supporting Desistance and Recovery

By Hannah Graham Conversations about rehabilitation and how to address the drugs-crime nexus have been dominated by academics and policymakers, without due recognition of the experience and knowledge of practitioners. Not enough is known about the cultures and conditions in which rehabilitation occurs. Why is it that significant numbers of practitioners are leaving the alcohol and … Continued

Probation: 12 essential questions

Editors: McNeill, Fergus, Durnescu, Ioan, Butter, René (Eds.)   This volume poses a series of key questions about the practice of probation as an integral part of the European criminal justice system. The contributors are established experts in their respective fields of study and together their questions address the legitimacy, and perhaps continued existence, of … Continued

Prison Radicalization and Terrorism Detention Policy

Correctional policies for Islamist violent extremist offenders are often based on the premise that prisons can be hotbeds of radicalization. The perception that inmates are susceptible to violent extremist belief systems has given rise to a fervent international public, political, and scholarly debate and has led to the introduction of drastic, often expensive policies to … Continued

Linking Theory and Practice in Probation

– Structured Decision Support for Case Management Plans- by Jacqueline Bosker In 2010, the Dutch Probation Service introduced a digital decision support system for case management plans, a so called fourth generation risk/needs assessment instrument. Does this system help probation officers in determining the appropriate interventions that should prevent recidivism for each individual client? And … Continued

Detained abroad: assisting Dutch nationals in foreign detention

by Femke Hofstee – van der Meulen ISBN: 978-94-6295-410-6 In recent decades prison populations have become less homogeneous. Statistic reveal that foreign national prisoners (FNPs) are detained practically everywhere in the world and very often in relatively large numbers This is particularly true for countries in the European Union (EU), where on average nearly one in … Continued